MD Lyonga was born in English Cameroon; in a family of 6. Raised by a single parent, siblings and community. Growing up from a Christian background in a little church, he picked up some interest in music and started writing his own hymns, singing and coordinating services. Fell in love with Makossa (Cameroon music), and was also intrigued by the dance steps of the King of Pop – Michael Jackson.

After haven won Golden Boot from soccer competition, he joined a dance crew in the University (2004) and started rapping. He later initiated his own recording studio where he and his team, Trackzone Records, amassed a catalogue of unreleased music in 2009.

From this time through 2012 Md Lyonga and his team Trackzone Records took urban music in his city (Buea) to a whole new level with songs like “I still dey here” and “No concept” feat Adele-Clarice before he moved to Canada in 2013 as he wanted to see the world and avail himself of life changing opportunities.

Over the years he has studied and gained inspiration from a plethora of artist/musician in the likes of Brenda Fassie, Fela Kuti, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Nas, Lauryn Hill, Kirk Franklin…

Given that the world is a multicultural village, Md Lyonga is into the business of bringing Cameroon Afrobeats to Canada; hence the creation of his MAKOSSA EP released on Dec 22, 2017 on all online stores. He has subsequently been on tour in Toronto, Montreal, Kitchener, Calgary and Vancouver.

From Soccer player to Dancer to Rapper, MD Lyonga sees himself in third person plural because he thinks he’s a legion; running his own record label Trackzone Dynasty, identifing himself with his roots as he delivers MAKOSSA EP; an Afrobeats EP with tracks like Iya (Buea Pikin), Makossa, Wangele. You will have to listen to discover a whole new self-realm created by the “I swallow spit” rapper.

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